Juan Antonio Velit Granda

APEC, an opportunity for Peru to strengthen its international prominence

Internationalist Juan Velit affirmed that the holding of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) meetings in Peru throughout 2024 provides an unavoidable opportunity for the country to regain prominence in the international community.

In his opinion, with the organization of these meetings, Peru “is emerging as a top-level player on the stage of the major decision-making process.”

In statements to Andina news agency, Velit noted that “we cannot miss the opportunity” in the face of said possibility in the country.

He pointed out that, in addition to the confirmed visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Peru, U.S. President Joe Biden could also take part in the summit, as both are member economies of APEC.

Thus, he said, the government of President Dina Boluarte would have the exceptional opportunity to hold meetings with the two main world leaders.

The fact that Peru has assumed the Presidency of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, being in charge of the organization of the Leaders’ Summit, is a sign of the confidence in the country.

Moreover, Velit welcomed the direction of the Peruvian foreign policy adopted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“In recent months, Peru has begun to pursue a path in line with the international concert of nations; that is, with the international community,” he said.

From his perspective, Peru’s Foreign Affairs Minister is aware of the historical, political, and strategic value of the country.

Furthermore, Velit remarked that this conviction means having a confidence in the future of the country’s international relations.

Source: Agencia Andina

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