The APEC HRDWG Arequipa Goals

At the Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG) Plenary Meeting in Arequipa, Peru, in May 2024, we unanimously supported Peru’s theme of “Empower. Include. Grow.”

Aligning with the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040, the HRDWG Non-Binding Detroit Principles and Recommendations, and the 2023 APEC Leaders’ Golden Gate Declaration, we affirmed APEC’s goal of promoting equality and inclusion, particularly for people with disabilities. We welcomed the opportunity to discuss the following set of goals known as the “Arequipa Goals.”


The Arequipa Goals aim to make impactful progress at the regional level and bolster cooperation among APEC member economies in advancing policies that empower people with disabilities for sustainable and inclusive growth. This is in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This includes initiatives promoting trade and investments, innovation, digitalization, and sustainable and inclusive human resources development. Recognizing APEC’s different context – rural and urban, developing and developed, informal and formal – each economy will determine its targets and approaches to achieving these goals, in accordance with economies’ own priorities and circumstances.
Education Goals

We will strive to expand participation in education programs for people with disabilities in rural public schools by 2030. Additionally, we will seek to increase the percentage of qualified special education teachers in rural areas by 2030.

Capacity Building Goals

We will aim to improve vocational training programs to address the needs of people with disabilities and increase people with disabilities’ participation in these programs by 2030. We will empower people with disabilities to pursue employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, including in MSMEs, by supporting capacity building initiatives that meet their needs.

Labor and Social Protection Goals

We will promote policies aimed at increasing the participation of people with disabilities in the formal labor market by 2030 and highlight the productive role they play in and contributions they make to economic growth. We will endeavor to extend social protection coverage for people with disabilities, including those in rural areas, informal sectors, and others by 2030.

Measurement and Implementation

Coordinators from the Friends of the Chair on Promoting Disability Policies and the three HRDWG networks will lead the efforts to achieve these goals. They will work with economies to establish work plans and support progress across the region from 2024 to 2030, reporting annually to the HRDWG Plenary.


Adopted by HRDWG delegates on May 8, 2024, in Arequipa, Peru, the Arequipa Goals demonstrate APEC’s aspirations to promote equality and inclusion for people with disabilities, recognizing their valuable contributions to development in the region.

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